International Research Collaboratives (IRCs)

International Research Collaboratives (IRCs) are groups of law and social science researchers that undertake sociolegal research projects with a global reach. 

These collaborations strengthen law and social science scholarship, especially among U.S. scholars, by connecting them with theoretical, methodological, and policy discussions taking place among researchers around the world. IRCs are a key component of the intellectual life of LSA, and have been instrumental in fostering and strengthening international and interdisciplinary scholarly networks.


How Are IRCs Different From CRNs?

IRCs serve a different function and purpose than a CRN. A CRN is a group of scholars working over an extended period of time in the same general area, which may or may not be international. IRCs are always international groups that focus on a particular problem and a particular scholarly product.

What Do IRCs Work to Achieve?

Usually, the end product of an International Research Collaborative is a scholarly publication after a series of panel presentations or workshops.

When Were IRCs Created?

The first IRCs were formed as part of the LSA Annual Meeting in Berlin (2007). Most recently, the Annual Meeting in Mexico City (2017) consisted of 43 IRCs and a total of 230 scholars from low and middle income countries, and was funded largely by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Current IRCs are being developed in conjunction with Chicago in 2021 and Lisbon in 2022.


All IRCs

You can browse all of our current IRCs here:

IRC 2.
Aging, Law and Policy

IRC 3.
An Africa of good governance, democracy and respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law

IRC 4.
Pluriland: Theorizing Conflict and Contestation in Plural Land Rights Regimes

IRC 5.
Criminal Legalities in the Global South

IRC 7.
Lawfare, Democracy and Human Rights in Latin America

IRC 8.
Sexuality, Political Economy and the Law

IRC 9.
Gender in Customary/Indigenous Law and Proceedings

IRC 10.
Disrupting Patriarchy and Masculinity in Africa: Transformative Leadership for Social Change in Institutions of Higher Learning

IRC 12.
Federalism and the Subnational Politics of Rights in Latin America: Gender Equality and Environmental Justice

IRC 13.
Global Perspectives on Family Law in Context

IRC 16.
Political Radicalisms, Extreme-Right, and Justice System

IRC 18.
Victims, Citizenship, and Justice

IRC 19.
Judges and Technology

IRC 20.
African Studies: Reproductive Health, Tourism, Rights, and Assisted Reproductive Technologies

IRC 23.
Self-managed abortion in law, politics and policy

IRC 24.
New Challenges for Transnational Civil and Commercial Law in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic

IRC 26.
African Disability Protocol and the progress towards inclusive education developments in Africa

IRC 27.
Comparative Perspectives on Autocratic Legalism: Brazil, India, and South Africa

IRC 29.
Policing in the Americas

IRC 31.
Feminist Judgments

IRC 32.
Re-imagining Agenda 2063: A Sociolegal Foundation of the Africa We Want

IRC 36.
Lawyers and State Transformations

IRC 37.
Punishment and Society: International and Comparative Perspectives Between the Global North and South

IRC 39.
Scholars in the Global South: Scholactivists or Interlopers?

IRC 40.
Creating Socio-legal Conversations about Justice: Methods and Mobilization

IRC 41.
Marriage as Enslavement: Historical and Legal Entanglements

IRC 42.
Lay Participation in Law around the Globe

IRC 43.
Law, Political Economy and Crisis: Studying the role of law in economic, political, and environmental crises

IRC 44.
Critical Interdisciplinary Approaches to Global Intellectual Property

IRC 46.
The State and the Corporation as Legal Fictions: Original Nation and Dissent

IRC 48.
Early Women Lawyers in the Legal Profession

IRC 49.
Citizenship, Nationalism, and Democracy in Times of Crisis

IRC 50.
The Future of Law in Africa

IRC 51.
Gender and Political Economy

IRC 52.
The Notariat Across Borders

IRC 53.
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Conflict and Transformation

IRC 54.
Islamic Feminisms: From Theory to Praxis

IRC 55.
Mapping the Pasts and Futures of Law and Society Scholarship in Africa

IRC 56.
The Future We Need: Covid19 Pandemic Policies, Gender, Development, and Fiscal/Social/Economic Responses

IRC 57.
Headscarves and the Law: Global Perspectives

IRC 58.
Human Rights and Sustainability


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