International Research Collaboratives

Disrupting Patriarchy and Masculinity in Africa


Dr. Veronica Fynn Bruey

Differential enjoyment of rights under the law, preferential and dignity predetermined for women and men based on their social, cultural, and legal disposition fuel the stubborn persistence of gender inequality. Masculinity and its affinity to wield power and control leads to horizontal hostility wherein women actively, passively, and/or aggressively internalize, maintain, and acquiesce males’ oppressive institutional, paternalistic, autocratic, and patronizing behavior. Overall, patriarchy and masculinity subjugate all genders, not just girls and women. Informed by empirical research data, case studies, and personal experiences, the goal of the IRC is to identify patriarchy and masculinity in diverse institutional settings across the continent, while examining the conceptual and practical application of transformative leadership for social change and gender equality.


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