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When I first became an academic, I felt like there were few legal scholars who were interested in the kind of interdisciplinary questions I was enamored with. When I came to LSA, I felt like I had found so many of my people. I found a community in which I could grow and with which I could grow. I found a community that shared my values, LSA values diversity of all kinds equity, inclusion, and justice, and it truly values mentoring junior scholars and students. Community, belonging, and mentorship are the most beneficial aspects of being an LSA member.

Angela Onwuachi-WilligBoston University

LSA membership is really essential for anyone with a serious interest in what law does as opposed to what it says in the texts or case reports. I used to tell my students that journal papers and conference presentations were always behind the cutting edge of a field. The real innovations happen in the informal places, which only members can access, especially in the meetings.

Robert DingwallNottingham Trent University, Dingwall Enterprises Ltd

Professionals or students should join LSA to become part of a very supportive and worldwide network of sociolegal scholars who collectively continue to add to the knowledge base of various sociolegal phenomena and who can mentor or otherwise assist any member at any stage of the member's professional career. LSA also is a fun organization give the really interesting people it attracts.

Thomas W. MitchellTexas A&M University School of Law

It is an opportunity to meet and engage with a truly interdisciplinary community committed to an empirically grounded understanding of the roles of law in society. It is an extremely open community with a global reach.

Heinz KlugUniversity of Wisconsin Law School, University of the Witwatersrand School of Law

Your membership dues also support important initiatives, such as:

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LSA membership in the Consortium of Social Science Associations (COSSA) and National Humanities Alliance (NHA)
which work to promote federal funding and policies for social and behavioral sciences and the humanities

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