What are our membership types?

A: We offer three membership types: Regular, Student and Special International. To learn more, go here.

What is the cost of membership?

A: Please visit our Membership Types page ( to check out our current membership dues. For regular and student membership types, there is a $10 additional charge if you wish to receive a print copy of the LSR journal.

How do I sign up as an LSA member?

A: We would love to have you join our community! Please visit our member portal to sign up (

Do I need to be a member to attend the conference?

A: No, an LSA membership is not required to attend our Annual Meeting. However, if you do sign up as a member prior to registering, you will be able to take advantage of our substantially discounted member registration fee. Please contact to see how much you could save with an LSA membership. Please note that LSA memberships and registration fees for our conference are two separate expenses.

When can I renew my membership?

A: LSA memberships run on the calendar year (January – December). The LSA is currently in the 2024 membership year, which ends on December 31, 2024. Memberships for 2024 are available now.

My copy of LSR hasn’t arrived yet. When will it arrive?

A: LSR Journals are published in four issues per volume per year. All LSA members have online access to the journal, but only those members who choose a “print” membership will receive a hard copy of the journal. If you have a print membership and think your journal may have not been mailed to you, please contact our Executive Office at

How do I report a change of address or other personal information?

A: To update your address or any personal information, please sign into the member portal ( After signing in, go to Manage Profile>>Edit Bio under Information & Settings. After making any updates, be sure to select Save Changes at the bottom. If you run into any issues, please contact the LSA Executive Office at

Can I receive a refund for my membership?

A: No, LSA memberships are non-refundable.

Are memberships transferable?

A: No, memberships are not transferable.

How can I receive a copy of the receipt for my membership?

A: To receive a copy of your receipt for membership, log into our member portal ( and then go to this link: Under “Invoices” filter the drop-down menu to “Closed.” Click the invoice icon to the left of “order date” to download your invoice receipt. If you have any additional questions, contact

I can’t remember my password. How do I change it?

A: If you can’t remember your password, you can reset it here: Please note your full email address could be your username. If you think a different email address is attached to your current LSA profile, please contact, and we can give you access to update your information.

What are the qualifying countries for Special International memberships?

A: Scholars who reside in low and lower-middle income economies (World Bank list, click here) may join the Association as Special International Members.

If I purchase a “print membership,” will I still have online access to LSR?

A: Yes, all LSA member types have online access to the LSR. LSA members can visit this page within our membership portal and follow the instructions to access LSR online: You must login to access the page. If you run into any issues, please contact us at

I’m having difficulty renewing my membership. What do I do?

A: To renew your LSA membership, please go here: Be sure a “regular” or “student” option is selected under the dropdown menu at the top of the Membership Dues page. You will need to complete a monetary transaction at the bottom of the page to finalize your renewal. If you think you may have renewed as a non-member or have any additional questions, please contact

What is a CRN, and how do I join one?

A: Collaborative Research Networks (CRNs) are a vehicle for scholars with common interests to connect with each other, share their work, and pursue sociolegal research in common as part of the Law and Society Association. Click here to learn more! If you wish to participate in one of the existing CRNs, you should identify yourself by sending an email to organizers.  In the email message, please describe your research interests and how it might fit within the description of the CRN.

What is an IRC?

A: An International Research Collaborative (IRC) is an international group focused on a particular problem and a particular scholarly product. IRCs are similar to research project groups, in that they bring together a relatively small group of scholars to work on a particular issue for a defined period of time. Click here to learn more!


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