International Research Collaboratives

Ageing, Law and Policy


Christie Gardiner, Eileen Webb, Nola Ries, Teresa Somes

Population ageing is revealing the wide-ranging impact of laws, policies and often paternalistic and ageist practices on the dignity and rights of older persons.  Under the umbrella of the World Health Organization’s priorities for a Decade of Healthy Ageing (2020-2030), the central theme of the ALP-IRC is to utilise systems thinking to help diagnose the kinds of problems which prevent older persons from “being and doing what they have reason to value”, the policy and legal conditions which hold these problems in place and to identify possible leverage points for reform.  Primary outcomes include capacity building within the law and society community around ageing and the use of systems thinking to promote multidisciplinary research, the production of scholarly outputs which are evidence-informed, and the proposal of innovative reforms and initiatives.


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