International Research Collaboratives

Feminist Judgments


Kathryn Stanchi, Bridget Crawford, Sharon Cowan

The Feminist Judgments IRC will formalize the growing collaboration of feminists from multiple countries who are engaged in the process of writing alternative judicial decisions from a feminist perspective. The signature achievement of the FJPs has been to demonstrate that judicial decision making is rarely detached from personal background and experience and that judicial interpretation is never purely neutral and objective. In projects, our approach to feminism has always been expansive, including intersectionalities of gender, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, immigration status, disability and others. In keeping with this approach, we are delighted that Feminist Judgments Projects are expanding focus to developing countries and indigenous peoples within developed countries. The Feminist Judgments IRC would also help our diverse and dispersed members have a forum for our international work, allow us to cross-communicate about issues related both to feminist legal theory and the process of writing alternative judgments, allow the more established projects help and support the newer projects, and give the project a forum in which to expand beyond the countries and peoples already included.


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