International Research Collaboratives

Gender Equality and Environmental Justice


Catalina Smulovitz, Alba Ruibal

The aim of this IRC is to form, expand and consolidate a network of political scientists, sociologists and legal scholars that have been making significant contributions to the theoretical and empirical knowledge of the impact federalism has on the politics of rights at the local level. The intellectual focus of the network is the study of legal mobilization processes at the subnational level in the Latin American region in the fields of gender equality and environmental rights. The three basic variables we intend to work in this IRC project are: the federal institutional architecture of each country (how the national-subnational dynamics impacts the local struggle for rights and the local outcomes?); the nature of the issues (do they enable or hinder legal mobilization strategies?; what types of interests they affect and who are their opponents?); and the social movement network (how its associative density, its presence within the civil society and in the state institutions, its allies, and its geographical  concentration impacts their effectiveness?).


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