International Research Collaboratives

Political Radicalisms, Extreme-Right, and Justice System


Rebecca Lemos Igreja, Talita Diaz Rampin, Karina Ansolabehere

This IRC brings together a group of researchers from various countries that are dedicated to the study of social inequalities, political radicalisms, the rise of the extreme right-wing and justice systems. This IRC group’s interest is to debate the pillars for the growth of political authoritarianisms, extreme-right groups and political parties and radicalisms in democratic countries with progressive constitutions and its relationship with social inequalities. The proposition is to follow up on a broader research that aims to compare these ascending radicalisms and new extreme-rights’ characteristics and to understand the factors that contribute to the current worldwide phenomenon. Initially, it focuses on investigating how different theoretical and methodological approaches have dealt with the theme, with special emphasis on the concepts, categories and variables that are employed in these studies. In addition, in a dialogical and comparative effort, it aims to observe the phenomenon as a whole; that is, how it presents itself broadly in the global context and the common characteristics in several countries. Finally, it seeks to analyze the strategy for the dissemination of radical political ideas and propositions, especially through social networks, and the social, political and legal means of controlling it.


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