International Research Collaboratives

Covid19 Pandemic Policies, Gender, Development, and Fiscal/Social/Economic Responses


Kathleen Lahey, Ann Mumford, Attiya Waris

This IRC seeks to involve interdisciplinary scholars from developing, emerging, and transition countries in its work on assessing the extent to which the Covid19 pandemic has impacted gendered and vulnerable groups in both global south and north regions through social, tax, economic, and other fiscal dimensions of gender and related inequalities, and through reevaluations of how fiscal states and transnational organizations need to revision the future in light of what can be learned from this shocking past. Suitable topics include scrutinizing the historical role of fiscal austerity regimes and ‘tax cuts for economic growth’ ideologies that have led to historically low levels of government revenues in the current era, which has left fiscal space to be defined and filled by wealthholders, powerholders, and public-private partnerships that have steadily diverted potential public revenues to private coffers, and, not surprisingly, the legacy of which is lack of robust public health systems and crisis preparedness in general. All of these factors threaten to increase post-Covid19 wealth and governance power already dominated by the richest individuals and corporations on the planet; the challenge posed in this IRC is to ask what gender, inequalities, development, and policy priorities can give us, instead, the future we need: equal sustainable incomes for all people throughout their lives, and permanently durable biospheres that can evolve at their own paces.


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