International Research Collaboratives

Lawfare, Democracy and Human Rights in Latin America


Martonio Mont’Alverne Barreto Lima, Ana Maria D’Ávila Lopes

The proposal of this research aims the study of cases in Latin America and the eventual compromise of the democratic quality of the constitutions of these countries, the strengthening of institutions that apply the Law – the Judiciary, the Public Ministry and the Bar of Lawyers – and the preservation of Human Rights. The social perception of the instrumentalization of the Judiciary has triggered enormous damage to the valuation of democracy and human rights among the societies of America Latina, which becomes more acute with the political instability that such crises have caused. International courts, such as the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and also organizations as the United Nations, were called to act in these processes and their participation, at least in the Brazilian case, which took place through the United Nations Human Rights Committee, in Geneva, Switzerland, in August 2018, during the Brazilian presidential elections. The participation of international institutions of mediation in internal affairs shows that the constitutional pact of any society can evidence the internal institutional disagreements, requiring international attention from the organizations that include the analyzed countries.


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