International Research Collaboratives

Global Perspectives on Family Law in Context


Melissa Breger, Daphna Hacker, Naomi Cahn

The aim of this IRC is to bring together scholars from around the world who specialize or research in the field of family law from a variety of disciplines. The scholars strive to answer questions such as: What can we learn when we examine, compare, and contrast socio-legal aspects of families across the globe?  What can we learn about the law and its interrelations with society, when we study how families are formed, dissolved, and altered across nations around the globe?  The IRC brings together some of the world’s leading family law scholars, as well as bright, emerging scholars, all of whom are endeavoring to answer the above questions and beyond.  The IRC has a shared interest in the concept of social norms, which weave in economic and psychological concepts, and are defined as “social attitudes of approval and disapproval, specifying what ought to be done and what ought not to be done”.  The idea that law reflects normative social attitudes, and then social attitudes reflect law is a common theoretical thread.


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