International Research Collaboratives

Citizenship, Nationalism, and Democracy in Times of Crisis


Shruti Rana, Clemence Pinaud

We would like to organize a series of workshops with the IRC on the theme, Citizenship, Nationalism, and Democracy in Times of Crisis. Our workshops, panels, and participants will explore how democracies, currently constrained by both the rules of citizenship and the fervor of nationalism, operate in times of crisis (originating before and going beyond the current coronavirus crisis). Focusing on the crucibles created between these bounds when democracies must face severe challenges, we will explore how democratic processes survive, adapt or break under pressure. Panel topics will include Democratic Backsliding and the Rule of Law (including countries such as Hungary, Brazil, India, and the US), Mass Violence, Ethnic Cleansing, and Genocide (looking at countries including Sudan, Myanmar and China); Democracies in the Face of Climate Change and Migration (global focus); and Democracies in the Face of a Global Pandemic (global focus).


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