International Research Collaboratives

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Conflict and Transformation


Dr Amanda Cahill-Ripley

The purpose of this IRC is to produce an innovative, relevant and timely publication in the form of an edited volume on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Conflict and Transformation. The parallel objective of the new IRC is to build an international and interdisciplinary collaborative group of scholars around the specific and discrete topic of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Conflict and Transformation. The IRC will establish and foster an international and interdisciplinary scholarly network, to promote innovative and original collaborative research concerning the utilisation of ESCRs in times of conflict, transition and in peacebuilding. Our specific IRC will consider the specific role economic and social rights have in transformative justice. It will examine the transformative potential of economic and social rights for peacebuilding both in relation to armed conflict but also in relation to societal/communal conflict more broadly defined. The IRC will investigate the theoretical underpinnings for using ESCRs as part of peacebuilding as well as examine the methods by which such transformation can take place. It will also examine global perspectives and experiences to date by focusing on specific case studies of transition and peacebuilding in practice. Finally, the IRC will aim to draw some conclusions as to the potential and usefulness of ESCRs for transforming communities and societies in these challenging times of increasing violence, inequalities and poverty.


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