Professor Willmott Chats with Nation to Nation host Brett Forester About his Recent LSR article

– Professor Kyle Willmott (Simon Fraser University) will be featured on APTN News to discuss his recent Law & Society Review article, “Taxes, Taxpayers, and Settler Colonialism: Toward a Critical Fiscal Sociology of Tax as White Property” with Nation to Nation host Brett Forester.

The show airs live tonight (March 10, 2022) at 6:30 p.m. ET on APTN. It also streams online at 9 p.m. ET, which can be viewed via Twitter or Facebook here: APTN National News | Facebook.

The segment will also be posted to APTN’s YouTube page to watch on-demand afterwards for those who cannot watch the segment live or stream it on Facebook.

Professor Willmott’s study explores how tax and fiscal discourses interact with settler colonialism, shape ideas about Indigenous people and specifically examines how the informal life of tax in a settler colonial society produces possessive political identities such as ‘the taxpayer.’

The paper argues that there is a specific link between informal tax imaginaries—ideas about who pays tax, who is thought to not inhabit the status of ‘taxpayer,’ and who costs ‘taxpayers’—and white possessiveness, as they are established in settler-colonial contexts. To learn more about the study, you can view LSA’s recent release here.

Volume 56, Issue 1 of LSR is available online here. It includes six articles and several book reviews. To read this full LSR article, visit the Wiley Online Library here.


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