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  • Columbia Law School

Number of years as LSA member: 6
Number of LSA Meetings Attended: 4

Areas of Research:

  • Legal History
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Policing

Favorite Topic to Teach or Research: Legal History

Major Award(s) or Honors: 

Unique Fact: “One of the more unusual book events that I did for Policing the Open Road was a panel at Lincoln Center. I joined the stage with a musician, playwright, and activist for a conversation about ‘Policing, Freedom, and the Arts.’ Culture, especially music and literature, had a big influence on my writing, so it was a wonderful opportunity to engage with artists about how history informs their work and how their work, in turn, informs mine.”

Top 3 Books/Articles Published: 

Recent Media Appearances: 

To learn more about Sarah, check out her bio here . 

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