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  • Texas A&M University School of Law

Number of years as LSA member: 19
Number of LSA Meetings Attended: 10
Collaborative Research Networks: New Legal Realism; Socio-Legal Approaches to Property

Areas of Research:

  • Class
  • Comparative Law
  • Economic Law
  • Geography and Law
  • History
  • Justice
  • Race and Ethnicity

Favorite Topic to Teach or Research: Racial socio-economic inequalities arising from historical and current systemic racism in various property law relationships and systems.

Major Award(s): 

  • Elizabeth Hurlock Beckman Award
  • Fellow for the American College of Real Estate Lawyers
  • Fellow for the American Bar Foundation.

Unique Fact: “I am just the second African American ever to serve as a Reporter (person vested with the principal responsibility for drafting a uniform act) for the Uniform Law Commission (ULC) in its 127-year history, a period of time in which the ULC has promulgated about 450 uniform acts and has had between 475-500 Reporters (for some of the really big uniform acts such as the Uniform Commercial Code the ULC has had multiple Reporters).”

Top 3 Articles Published: 

From Reconstruction to Deconstruction: Undermining Black Landownership, 
Political Independence and Community Through Partition Sales of Tenancies 
in Common, 95 Northwestern University Law Review 505 (2001)

Reforming Property Law to Address Devastating Land Loss, 66 Alabama Law Review 1 (2014) (lead article)

New Legal Realism: Translating Law and Society for Today’s Legal Practice (volume one) (Cambridge University Press 2016) (edited with Elizabeth Mertz and Stewart Macaulay).

Recent Media Appearances: 

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