Types of Submissions

Keywords & CRNs

Primary and Secondary Keywords help the Program Committee organize your paper with others into sessions. Please click here to view our current list of CRNs!

Expression of Interest in a Particular CRN

If you wish to participate actively in one of the CRNs you should identify yourself by sending an email to organizers: In the email message describe your research interest and how it might fit in the subject of the CRN.

2024 Keywords:


Access to Justice, adjudication, and dispute resolution (including negotiation and arbitration)

Aesthetics, Art, and Law

Africa, African Studies, African Law and Society


Asian Law and Society, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia

Authoritarianism, Autocracy, and Populism

Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Russia, and Eurasian Law and Society


Civil Society and Non-State Actors

Class and Inequality

Colonialism, Post-Colonialism, and Decolonialism

Comparative Law and Society

Constitutional Law and Constitutionalism

Corporate Law, Securities, and Transactions

Courts, Trials, Litigation, and Civil Procedure

Crime, Victimization, and Violence

Criminal Justice and Criminal Procedure

Democracy, Elections, Governance, State Theory


Discrimination and Segregation

Economy, International Trade, Global Economy and Law

Education, Schools, Academia


Environment, Natural Resources, Energy, Sustainability, Water, and Climate Change

Ethics, Bioethics, and the Law


Family, Youth, and Children

Femicide & Gender Violence

Feminist Jurisprudence

Gender and Sexuality

Geographies and Law

Health and Medicine

Human Rights and International Human Rights

Indigenous People and Indigenous Law

Intellectual Property, Culture, and Cultural Heritage

International Law, International Organizations, Regional Institutions, International and Regional Courts, Non-State Actors, International Politics

Islam and Islamic Studies

Juries (including decision-making, selection, bias, and judgment) and Lay Participation

Labor and Employment

Land, Housing, and Property

Language, Linguistics

Latin American and Caribbean Law and Society

Law and Development

Law and Justice

Legal Actors:  Judges & Judging

Legal Actors: Lawyers, Law Firms, and other Legal Actors

Legal Consciousness

Legal Culture

Legal Actors:  Law Students, Professors, Legal Education & Reform

Legal History

Legal Pluralism

Mass Atrocity, Disasters, Pandemics

Middle Eastern Law and Society

Migration and Refugees

Police and Policing

Popular Culture, Media, Literature, and the Law


Psychology and Law

Punishment and Sentencing

Race, Ethnicity, and Critical Race Research

Regulation and Administration

Religion and the Law

Revolution, War, Transitional Justice, Reparations

Rights, Representation, and Identities

Sex Work

Social Movements, Legal Mobilization, and Solidarity

Social or Political Theory and the Law

Social Welfare Programs, Poverty, Food

Taxation and Fiscal Policies

Technology, Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Science, and the Law

Terrorism and National Security

Western Europe, European Union


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