Get to Know Rebecca Sandefur!


  • Arizona Sate University
  • American Bar Foundation

Number of years as LSA member: 20
Collaborative Research Networks: Co-organizer – CRN 39: Everyday Legality
LSA Committees and governance positions: 

  • Law & Society Review Editor (Current)
  • LSA Annual Meeting Program Committee Co-Chair
  • LSA Board of Trustees (2x)
  • Professional Development Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Ad Hoc Governance Review Committee
  • Ad Hoc Member Survey Committee
  • Article Prize Committee
  • Nominations Committee

Areas of Research:

  • Access to Civil Justice
  • Civil Justice
  • Legal Professions
  • Civil Legal Services
  • Inequality

Major Award: MacArthur Fellow; Champion of Justice
Additional Hobbies: Hiking, camping and cooking
Unique Fact: Becky cooks a mean smoked goose breast as well as a “very nice” cassoulet

Top 3 Articles or Books Published: 

2018 Rebecca L. Sandefur. “Access to What?” Daedalus: The Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 148(1):49-55.

2016. Rebecca L. Sandefur. “What We Know and Need to Know about the Legal Needs of the Public.” University of South Carolina Law Review 67:443-460.

2015 Rebecca L. Sandefur. “Elements of Professional Expertise: Understanding Relational and Substantive Expertise through Lawyers’ Impact.” American Sociological Review 80(5):909-933

Media Appearance(s): Slate – Lawyers: Who Needs ’Em?


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