International Research Collaboratives

Reproductive Health, Tourism, Rights, and Assisted Reproductive Technologies


Olanike Adelakun, Mariam Abdulraheem-Mustapa, Olubunmi Niyi-Gafar, Erebi Ndoni

Following a global sharp decline in inter country adoption which has drawn a lot of attention to Africa, reproductive tourism with the use of assisted technologies is gradually on the increase and attention is gradually shifting to Africa as a viable location for reproductive tourism. Presently, many African countries are struggling to make reproductive health services available and accessible to all. The child and maternal mortality rate across several countries in Africa is still high. Health services is not treated as a fundamental right in many parts of Africa but rather treated as a socioeconomic right for which the governments have escaped liability. The United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals while the African Union has set out aspirations for the desired Africa by 2063 (Agenda 2063). SDG 3 and Goal 3 of Aspiration 1 of the Agenda 2063 are both focused on ensuring healthy, well-nourished lives and promoting well-being for all ages. This IRC is convinced that to achieve these goals, African States must work together to promote good health of all Africans and focus on infertility as a reproductive health challenge that requires attention just like other aspects of reproductive health. There is a need for African leaders to unite in regulating reproductive health services and tourism within the continent.  It is therefore the focus of this IRC to collaborate to research into reproductive health, reproductive rights, assisted reproductive technologies and access to reproductive services across Africa.


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