Collaborative Research Networks

CRN39 Everyday Legality and Access to Justice


Kathryne Young

This CRN brings together scholars who study everyday approaches to legality: how people understand, perceive, and think about different aspects of law and legal situations, the degree to which legality structures social life, and the consequences of those understandings for individual and organizational action. These understandings may be held and deployed by individuals, they may be repertoires that inform collective understandings of what is possible, and they may permeate and be produced through organizations and institutions – in routine situations and in exceptional moments. Rather than being focused on any one substantive area of law, this CRN is intended as a home for researchers interested in a broad array of sociolegal topics, including access to civil justice, legal consciousness, legal cynicism, criminal justice, legal pluralism, rights consciousness, and other investigations of how law and legality manifest in and structure everyday contexts, both in the present and over time. We are particularly interested in finding ways to forge intellectual connections between scholars worldwide who work in different substantive fields and across different areas of interest in LSA. Additionally, we intend to bring people together across disciplines and research methodologies. Our goal is not to create a place for people who all identify with one sociolegal subfield to talk to each other, but rather to create new conversations about the role of legality in everyday life. To learn more, please visit the CRN’s website.


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