Collaborative Research Networks

CRN38  International Socio-Legal Feminisms


Kathleen Lahey, Ann Mumford

This collaborative research network seeks to accelerate the exchange of interdisciplinary feminist research on domestic, transnational, and international governance concerning gendered patterns of social and economic, poverty, development, and gender equality policies. Although many issues affecting women are embedded in specific domestic social contexts and legal regimes, including issues concerning Indigenous, marginalized, intersectional, and excluded groups, gendered patterns of power in national laws, policies, and practices remain — with very few exceptions — deeply entrenched over time and place, and are even going backward in the context of government budgetary concepts, recurrent financial, health, and governance crises. Feminist collaborations across national and political boundaries can quickly expand understanding of fundamental problems, options for strategic transformations, and impact assessments. The aim of CRN38 is to promote cross-national and multi-disciplinary reflective knowledge about the way women’s and men’s opportunities are shaped by societies at all levels of identities and norms, including the gendered conditions associated with family structures, labor markets, recognition of ‘belonging,’ governance structures, indigenous, racialized, impoverished, and marginalized groups, and international institutions. The aim is also to over-bridge reality gaps in feminist research by placing different methods of research in the interactive contexts of theory, practice, and competing identities over time, and as financial, health, governance, and gender equality commitments change over time and with political responses to extraordinary challenges such as global financial crises and covid19.


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