Collaborative Research Networks

CRN 20 Law and Society in Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Russia, and Eurasia


Alexei Trochev, Marina Zaloznaya, Erica Marat, Lauren McCarthy

The countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Russia and Eurasia, broadly defined as the area of former Soviet dominance, are currently in the midst of rapid and fundamental changes in the state-society relations: massive rewriting of statutes and regulations, creating and implementing new areas of law, reforming law-related governmental and non-governmental institutions, integrating in international regimes, and reconfiguring the social demand for law. Yet the process and impact of these changes has varied from country to country, within different regions in a country, and even from neighborhood to neighborhood. These changes require deep analysis and provide fertile grounds for socio-legal research. Given the passage of a quarter century since the disintegration of the Soviet bloc, the time is ripe for an interdisciplinary assessment of the relationship between law and society in the region.

This CRN is organized to provide a forum for promoting research on law and society in the post-communist space in Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Russia and Eurasia, disseminate its findings to a wider community of socio-legal scholars, and facilitate the creation of a global network and community of scholars working on law and society in this region. Working both within the LSA and Eastern Europe, this CRN aims to organize panels for LSA annual meetings and welcomes papers on any aspects or issues of law and society in Eastern Europe. The CRN also aims to promote and facilitate participation in law and society scholarship initiatives located in Eastern Europe.


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