Collaborative Research Networks

CRN07  Feminist Legal Theory


Jamie Abrams, Maya Manian, Daniela Kraiem

The Feminist Legal Theory CRN fosters a community of scholars with a shared interest in gender as it intersects with race, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and other statuses/identities. Although many scholars would benefit from more discussions on feminist issues, the fact that feminist theory cuts across so many fields hampers conversation. Many of us, particularly those newer to the academy, do not know one another or the work that is being done on these issues in other fields.

The Feminist Legal Theory CRN changes this dynamic. To build our community, the CRN operates as a working group, with scholars presenting works-in-progress on varied topics related to feminist legal theory. Members are invited to submit individual papers to a FLT CRN committee, which organizes panels within and across doctrinal fields, encouraging cross-pollination on feminist approaches to gender and law. Members may also propose CRN panels, encouraging the development of longer-term projects and relationships. The CRN deliberately facilitates research collaborations and mentoring relationships. In addition, we use the annual business meeting to strategize about other ways feminist scholars can work together.


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