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CRN01 Comparative Constitutional Law and Legal Culture: Asia and the Americas


Denis de Castro Halis, Fernanda Duarte, Rafael Mario Iorio Filho, Ronaldo Lucas, David T. Ritchie, Cristina Lúcia Seabra Ioiro

Societies in Asia and the Americas may seem to have nothing in common given their particularities; however, many countries in these two regions share similar historical and political experiences (e.g. dictatorships, revolutions, democratic mobilizations, etc.) Nevertheless these geographically diverse societies, although very different in their current legal and political cultures, may also share constitutional and democratic values. In this age of globalization, when economic ties between these regions are gaining strength and momentum, it becomes a necessity to study them comparatively. This is especially important when developing economic relationships bring issues such as the rule of law and protection of human rights to the fore.

This CRN examines legal development, constitutional law and legal cultures from the perspectives of both legal sociology and comparative law. In particular, it seeks to understand how political and historical paths, as well as global influences such as universalization of human rights and democratic constitutional values, have shaped the formation and evolution of constitutional law and legal culture in various countries. It further seeks to examine the manifestations of contemporary legal culture in the political aspects of constitutional law, and in implementing democratic processes and human rights. This CRN brings together scholars engaged in these thematic and regional foci, but not exclusively.

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