Collaborative Research Networks

CRN51 Foucault and Sociolegal Studies


Michael D. Sousa and Sarah Turnbull

This CRN brings together scholars who draw upon the various works of Michel Foucault as a guiding framework for investigating social life and the operation of legal systems either theoretically or empirically. The CRN is intended to be a collaborative home for Foucauldian sociolegal scholars who are interested in studying a vast array of substantive topics, including but not limited to: criminal justice; civil justice; the judicial system; the penal system; problem-solving courts; sexuality/gender studies; debt and financialization; neoliberalism; critical race theory; the workplace; the educational system; immigration reform/migration/border control; health/health systems; the environment; mediation/negotiation; security/surveillance/risk; human rights; and politics/political economy. Because Foucault’s work transcends topical areas, we are particularly interested in finding ways to forge intellectual connections among scholars worldwide who work in different intellectual fields and across different areas of interest in LSA, but who have a Foucauldian focus to their work. Additionally, we intend to bring people together across disciplines and research methodologies. Our goal is to create a place for sociolegal scholars who utilize the works of Foucault in their research and to create conversations regarding the continued applicability of Foucault to sociolegal studies, including critical engagements from decolonial, postcolonial, queer, feminist, and anti-racist perspectives.


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