Richard D. “Red” Schwartz
Yale University and Syracuse University

Richard D. (“Red”) Schwartz is selected for the 2013 Pipkin Prize for his role in founding and institutionalizing the Law and Society Association. A core member of the founders of the Association, Dr. Schwartz helped draft the bylaws, develop a mailing list, and recruit others in the early years. As first editor of the Law & Society Reviewand second president of LSA, following the late Robert Yegge, Dr. Schwartz recruited major scholars across several disciplines to publish in the Review and obtained critical funding from the Russell Sage Foundation and Northwestern University to support the fledgling association and journal. Later as dean at SUNY-Buffalo and initial director of the Baldy Center, he hosted in 1975 the first national meeting of LSA separate from another disciplinary association’s meeting. Dr. Schwartz has continued as an active member of LSA into his retirement, organizing panels to explore core issues in law and society.

Now the Ernest I. White Professor Emeritus at the College of Law of Syracuse University and Senior Research Scholar at Yale Law School, Dr. Schwartz earned his B.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology at Yale, and went on to teaching, research, and administrative positions at Yale, Northwestern, and Buffalo before Syracuse. While at Northwestern, he headed the Council for Intersocietal Studies and helped to develop the joint J.D.-Ph.D. program in law and social science. Dr. Schwartz is author of many scholarly publications, including Society and the Legal Order, Unobtrusive Measures, Criminal Law: Theory and Process, and the Handbook of Regulation and Administrative Law. His current scholarly interests include natural law, administrative law, and the impact of welfare reform.

There will be a video available soon of the special session: A Conversation in Law and Society with Richard D. "Red" Schwartz, interviewed by Calvin Morrill at the 2013 Annual Meeting on Friday, May 31 from 2:30pm to 4:15pm.