Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts submitted to the Review must not be under consideration by another publication.

The Law & Society Review will consider submissions between 8,000 and 14,000 words in length (all inclusive). The editors reserve the right to reject without review manuscripts that are longer than 14,000 words or shorter than 8,000 words.

What to submit: Manuscripts must now be submitted electronically through the Web. We use the Scholar One datebase. We prefer that you submit a Word file or a PDF, but other documents are also acceptable formats provided that they are readable in a Windows operating environment. Regardless of which format is used, a single file must contain all text, references, tables, and figures, and must omit all identifying information about the author or authors (i.e., title page, identifying acknowledgments, references clearly identified as prior work of the author(s), etc.). In addition to the manuscript itself, authors must provide an abstract of approximately 100 words (a minimum of 100 characters and a maximum of 2,500 characters); the abstract can be in the manuscript, but it also must be provided in a separate field in the submission form (we recommend that authors simply cut and paste the abstract text into this field).

In preparing the manuscript, the author(s) should take particular care to remove the embedded identifying information created by Word, WordPerfect, and Adobe Acrobat. This information should be deleted prior to saving the file or converting from the word processor format to the PDF format. The information can be accessed (and deleted) by going to the document Properties submenu on the File menu in WordPerfect and Acrobat. In Microsoft Word, all of the embedded identifying information can be deleted by going to the Security Tab on the Tools, Options submenu, and clicking on the check box labeled "Remove personal information from this file on save." Submissions that do not have this embedded information removed may be delayed in processing until the author has provided an appropriately anonymous version.

Manuscript format: All text, including notes and references, should be double spaced with 1-inch margins; 12 pt Times New Roman is the preferred font for text, notes and references. References, tables, and figures should be placed at the end. A full style sheet is available on this website


Scholars interested in submitting a manuscript should feel free to contact the editors by email at prior to submission about the appropriateness of their work for publication in the Review. If the editor believes, based on a brief description, that the manuscript is likely to be appropriate, the author(s) will be encouraged to submit the manuscript electronically.

The Co-Editors for Volumes 51–53 (2017-2019) are Jeannine Bell, Susan Sterett, and Margot Young.  The Managing Editor is Danielle McClellan. All can be reached at

Inquiries about book reviews and review essays should be directed to the Review Editor, Jennifer Balint at