LSA’s 2nd Half Century Project
examines the future of Socio-legal studies and the role of the Association


We want to hear from you!

What are the challenges facing the field?
What should LSA be doing in the future?


Read provocative proposals by the Committee on five priority areas
and submit your comments:

  1. Explore our relations with other "law and" groups and other disciplines

  2. Improve socio-legal education

  3. Envision a global socio-legal scholarly network

  4. Promote research on race and increase diversity of LSA

  5. Link scholarship to policy and social change

Submit Your Own Ideas

Review prior literature on Law and Society
You will find a review of selective literature on the field of socio-legal studies and the role of the Association; a complete bibliography; and downloadable copies of major articles and book chapters. This material was prepared by Tatiana Alfonso-Sierra of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

View new ideas from Junior Scholars  
We invited junior scholars to submit short essays on the theme: What is the future of socio-legal studies, what new possibilities exist, and what innovations should the Law and Society Association consider as it enters the 2nd Half-Century?

Plenaries at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Minneapolis

  1. Special 50th Anniversary Roundtable: The (Not So Common) Place of Law. An Inquiry into Who and What Makes Law and Society Scholarship

  2. Special 50th Anniversary Roundtable: Crisis? What Crisis in Socio-Legal Education? Exploring Developments at the Undergraduate, Graduate and Law School Levels

  3. Special 50th Anniversary Roundtable: Envisioning a Global Socio-Legal Field: Networks, Institutions, Initiatives, Prospects

  4. Special 50th Anniversary Roundtable: Integration 2.0: Race and Diversity in LSA

  5. Special 50th Anniversary Roundtable: Linking Our Scholarship to Policy and Social Change

  6. Special 50th Anniversary Session: New Ideas from Junior Scholars

See the final report from the Committee

The Committee for the 2nd Half Century:

Dave Trubek, Chair, University of Wisconsin, Rick Abel, University of California, Los Angeles, Tatiana Alfonso-Sierra, University of Wisconsin, Jeannine Bell, Indiana University, Annie Bunting, York University, Eve Darian-Smith, University of California, Santa Barbara, Laura Gómez, UCLA, Liora Israel, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Heinz Klug, University of Wisconsin, Michael McCann, University of Washington, Susan Olson, Law and Society Association, Rebecca Sandefur, University of Illinois, Carroll Seron, University of California, Irvine, Greg Shaffer, University of Minnesota, Louise Trubek, University of Wisconsin.