LSA encourages comments and suggestions from members and meeting/workshop attendees on how to improve ease of access for people with disabilities, including ease in navigating the website. If you have a comment, question or request for assistance, contact:

Steven Boutcher
LSA Executive Officer
417 Machmer Hall
240 Hicks Way
Amherst, MA 01003

LSA Statement on Disability

The Law and Society Association values the inclusion of persons with disabilities in its membership, its activities, and its governance. It is the policy of the LSA that persons with disabilities should participate as fully as other members in the Association in all LSA activities, including annual meetings, committees, Graduate Student Workshops, and Early Career Workshops. The LSA will make all feasible efforts to accommodate members with disabilities and to remain responsive to the needs of our members who have disabilities.  [Statement adopted by the LSA Board of Trustees, June 4, 2003]

Accessibility at Law and Society Association Meetings

LSA is committed to ensuring that all events at LSA meetings are accessible to persons with disabilities. We provide specific information well in advance of the meeting about the location’s accessibility and practical arrangements. Meeting attendees with special needs or disabilities should indicate their requirements in the "special requests" section of the session/paper proposal form and are encouraged to get in touch with Melissa King at the LSA office with any questions.

Disability Access Guidelines for Conference Sessions, Workshops and Institutes
LSA requests that all session organizers and presenters review these guidelines and take the steps necessary to make the sessions accessible to attendees with disabilities.