Audio Video Requests

All meeting rooms for Paper Sessions and Roundtable panels are equipped with an LCD Projector and screen. Salon sessions will not be equipped with audio visual equipment (projectors or DVD players). If you submitted a paper proposal, please refer to the online program or logon to the submission system to determine if it was placed in a Salon session.

If your presentation needs additional equipment, for example – needing a DVD player to play a documentary during a roundtable session, please contact us at


Use of an LCD projector will require that the user bring a laptop (these are not provided)
Most laptops require an adaptor to plug into an LCD Projector – Please bring this adaptor. Mac users must bring the appropriate adaptor. Some tablets are capable of connecting with an LCD projector. Check with your manufacturer/dealer about connectivity equipment requirements.


AV technical help is usually limited, so users should know or learn before the meeting how to operate their equipment.  If several on your panel wish to use the LCD projector, we suggest loading all presentations onto one panelist’s laptop before the meeting. Session chairs should coordinate this among panel members before the meeting. Presentations should be prepared in a font viewable by audience members with sight impairment. 

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