Session Submission

CRN Sessions

CRNs will submit their panels through the submission software. Each CRN may request that a maximum of four panels will be scheduled non-concurrently, but CRNs are welcome to submit more panels. A CRN organizer is free to request which panels should be scheduled concurrently and non-concurrently by emailing Kris Monty at  After the Program Committee has reviewed papers unassigned to sessions, it will advise CRN Coordinators about unassigned papers that contain keywords relevant to the CRN in order to allow Coordinators to build those unassigned papers into their CRN sessions, should they wish. CRN business meeting requests will be accepted by the Executive Office in February 2015.

Other Sessions

Service Panels and Plenaries are entered only by the Program Committee. 

The Program Committee recognizes the importance of engaging the audience in a compelling manner, and we envision a conference that is dynamic, innovative, and interactive. Session Proposals tend to follow four formats:

  1. Traditional scholarly Paper Session organized around a common theme.
    For a Paper Session to be approved, it must have the following minimums:
    • 4-6 Paper Presenters
    • 1 Chair, 1 Discussant, who can be the same person
    Follow the instructions for submitting a Paper Session Proposal.

  2. A smaller format session, the Salon (Paper) Session is organized around a common theme. For a Salon Session to be approved, it must have the following minimums:
    • 2-3 Paper Presenters
    • 1 Salon Facilitator
    Follow the instructions for submitting a Salon Session Proposal.

  3. Discussion-centered Roundtable Sessions that do not have papers but are organized around a common theme.
    For a Roundtable to be approved, it must have the following minimums:
    • 4-8 Participants
    • 1 Chair
    Follow the instructions for submitting a Roundtable Session Proposal.

  4. Author-Meets-Reader Book Sessions, in which discussion is focused on 1 or more recently (published in 2014) scholarly books.
    • Book(s) must be published in calendar year 2014.
    • Up to 15 AMR sessions will be selected for presentation from those submitted.
    Follow the instructions for submitting an Author-Meets-Reader Book Session Proposal.

In addition to these types of sessions we also encourage proposals that are not constrained by the usual categories. Participants might organize debates, visual and musical performances, workshops, films, and other innovative formats. (Sessions with alternate formats and no papers should use the Roundtable Session Submission Procedure). We encourage scholars proposing creative formats to consult with the Program Committee co-chairs and the LSA Executive Office ( in advance.

In order to stimulate intellectual exchange, we also urge that panels be diverse in their composition by including, for example, participants from different countries, disciplines, and intellectual traditions as well as of different ages, career stages, gender, and race/ethnicity.

The Program Committee reserves the right to make changes to any panel in the interests of the general program.

! Important !

If you cannot attend, it is very important to formally withdraw your paper or session from the system. To withdraw before October 31st, 2014, login to your account at, click on "My Submissions" at the top menu, then click on the withdraw link next to the submission. To withdraw after November 1st, 2014, please send an email with your submission title and submission number to the LSA Meeting Manager, Kris Monty, at


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