LSA 2015 Program Committee


  Prof. Javier A. Couso
Universidad Diego Portales
Santiago, Chile
Prof. Terence C. Halliday
American Bar Foundation
Chicago, IL, U.S.A





Committee Members:

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Keywords or areas of responsibility

Dr. Karina Mariela Ansolabehere
Mexico DF, DF
Human Rights, Capital Punishment, Courts and Trials, Public Opinion and Courts, Corporate and Securities Law, New Legal Realism, Disabilities and Law
Prof. Robert F. Castro
California State University, Fullerton
Chino Hills, CA, U.S.A.
Race, Ethnicity, Citizenship, Immigration and Nation, Indigeneity and First Peoples, Critical Race Research, Language And Discourse, Migration and Immigration
Prof. Lynette Chua
National University of Singapore
Social Movements and Legal Mobilization, Rights and Identities, East Asia

Service Panels

Prof. Iza Hussin
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
Colonialism and Post-Colonialism, Geographies of Law, International Sociolegal Feminisms, Islamic Law and Society, British colonialism, South Asia
Dr. Marie-Andrée Jacob
Keele University
Newcastle, Staffs, STB, England
Global Economy and Law, Popular Culture, Media, Finance, and The Arts, Intellectual Property, Semiotics, Gender and Judging, Professional Education
Prof. Amalia D. Kessler
Stanford University
Stanford, CA, U.S.A.
Legal History, Civil Justice and Disputing, Legal Culture

Author Meets Readers (AMRs)

Prof. Ron Levi
University of Toronto
Toronto, ON, Canada
Transnational Legal Orders, International and Regional Institutions, Economic and Social Rights, The Formal Legal System, Post-Abyssal Collaborative Thought, Social Theory and Law, War and Law including Security and Terrorism, Non-State Legal Actors
Prof. Bronwen Morgan
University of New South Wales
Sydney NSW, Australia
Environment and Energy, Economy, Business and Society, Measuring Justice – Social Justice,

Author Meets Readers (AMRs)

Prof. Tamir M Moustafa
Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, BC, Canada
African Law & Society, Religion and Law, Constitutional Law and Constitutionalism, Public-Private Dichotomy, Legal Pluralism and Non-State Law, Democracy, Governance and State Theory
Prof. Christine Parker
Monash University
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Regulation & Governance, Legal Profession, Disasters, Health and Medicine, Family and Youth, Taxation
Prof. Pascoe Pleasence
University College, London
London, England
Access To Justice, Aging, Bioethics, Biotechnology, Judges and Judging, Law and Inequality, Social Class, Technology
Prof. Mary R. Rose
University Texas, Austin
Austin, TX, U.S.A.
Lay Participation, Disputes and Negotiation, Policing, Punishment and Social Control

Author Meets Readers (AMRs)

Prof. Mary Nell Trautner
University at Buffalo, SUNY
Buffalo, NY, U.S.A.
Ethnography, Feminist Jurisprudence, Gender and Sexuality, Teaching Law and Society, Labor, Crime and Victims