Sponsoring Research Groups

Sessions sponsored by the groups below need to be submitted through the submission software following the instructions listed for each type of session. They may organize paper sessions, roundtables, or AMRs. These groups are welcome to submit as many panels as they like; however, we can ¬†guarantee panels won’t be in the same time block for ¬†no more than four sessions (or up to six if two or more are co-sponsored with other research groups). Please forward which panels should be scheduled non-concurrently to Megan Warren at warren@lawandsociety.org by December 31st, 2016. These requests must be received from a group organizer. 

After submissions close, the Program Committee will advise CRN and WG Coordinators about individually submitted papers that contain keywords relevant to their CRN or WG. This will allow Coordinators the option to build any of those unassigned papers into their CRN or WG sponsored sessions. Individuals may also contact CRNs or WGs before submission to inquire about participating on a group-sponsored session. If the CRN or WG is not able to accommodate them, individuals should submit their proposals for the meeting directly via the submission site for placement by the Program Committee.

Group business meeting requests - The Executive Office will email group organizers at the beginning of March 2017 about scheduling business meetings.

Collaborative Research Networks (CRN)

To enable the growth and integration of the social study of law, the Law and Society Association has encouraged the creation of CRNs to organize sessions for the annual meetings and develop cross-disciplinary/cross-national research projects on their area of focus.

For more information about CRNs, please visit www.lawandsociety.org/crn.html

RCSL Working Groups (WG)

Working Groups are subgroups sponsored by the Research Committee on the Sociology of Law; each subgroup focuses on a particular issue or topic and organizes sessions to deal with that issue or topic from international comparative perspectives. 

See more about RCSL Working Groups for the 2017 Meeting at www.lawandsociety.org/MexicoCity2017/2017-WG.html

Visit RCSL at http://rcsl.iscte.pt/index.htm

International Research Collaboratives (IRC)

IRCs are groups of law and social science researchers organized to undertake specific sociolegal research projects with a global reach. With funding from the U.S. National Science Foundation, the objective is to strengthen law and social science scholarship generally and especially that of U.S. scholars by connecting them with theoretical, methodological, and policy discussions taking place among law and social science researchers world-wide. These groups defined specific projects in the summer of 2015 and are no longer recruiting new members, but their panels in Mexico City will be open to all attendees.

See the 2017 Meeting IRC groups at www.lawandsociety.org/IRC.html

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