LSA Governance Review

At the Law and Society Association's fiftieth year, it is an appropriate time to both celebrate LSA’s remarkable achievements and to think about our future development as a professional association. Our first step will be a Governance Review to determine if we have a structure that is able to make and carry out the decisions needed to serve members well into the future, including:

Our steps to meet this challenge:

1. We hired a consultant, Bill Davis, to review best practices and current LSA practice, s resulting in a report with general recommendations. See the Executive Summary here. Current LSA members can view the full report via login to their LSA account. The report is listed in the left menu.

2. The Executive Committee made the decision to focus first on the sections on governance; the committee concluded that strengthening our democratic governance structure would put us in a better position to discuss and decide upon other issues of importance to LSA. To evaluate and respond to these recommendations, we have created the following subcommittees comprised of members from the Board of Trustees:

  1. Changing Committee Structure - Ajay Mehrotra, Chair
  2. Structure, Deliberation, and Effectiveness of the Board of Trustees - Marianne Constable, Chair
  3. Involvement of Membership in Governance - Leslye Obiora, Chair
  4. Executive Office Transition - Nancy Reichman, Chair

The first three subcommittees have been charged with developing a report that contains:

  • Summary: A summary of the key points raised in the Davis Report and, where needed, an elaboration of the points to make them more specifically relevant or applicable to LSA.
  • Recommendations: Specific recommendations whether the Board should or should not adopt the recommendations presented in the Davis Report, including rationales for recommendations.

The Executive Office Transition subcommittee has been charged with developing:

  • A Request for Proposal (RFP) for hosting LSA.
  • An updated job description of the Executive Officer position

3. Once these reports are submitted to the Board of Trustees, they will be discussed, appropriate changes decided and the LSA Bylaws will be amended to reflect our new governance model.

See our time frame and top milestones in this process.

Get involved!

We will be holding a special public session on LSA Governance at the Annual Meeting in Seattle on Thursday, May 28th at 2:45pm.

Please share any feedback by using the form below. We appreciate your involvement.

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