Dear LSA members and friends,

A few of you have asked about the new, earlier deadlines for proposal submission and other steps for the 2014 Law and Society Association (LSA) meeting in Minneapolis. The earlier deadlines are part of a set of changes to submission procedures, approved by the Trustees in May, which we hope will address one of the principal concerns the membership has had about past programs: that so many presenters drop out once the program has been formed. This has led to last-minutes changes in panels, confusing program addenda, and disappointments to those who come expecting to hear from the missing colleagues.

Also, as LSA has grown, the meeting is a bigger event, and the Program Committee and Executive Office need more time to plan it. Though the submission date is earlier, the period of time between the announcement of the call and the submission date is almost the same length as before.

This new schedule provides several benefits for participants. It allows the Program Committee to give submitters earlier notice of the acceptance of their papers, so that they can seek travel funding and get other plans for attendance in place earlier. The new date is coupled with a new registration deadline, which asks people who now will know that their paper has been accepted to commit to attending the meetings. Access to the site for registration at the headquarters hotel’s conference rate ($159 in Minneapolis) will be given first via the conference registration system.

I hope that these changes will be a benefit overall and result in even better Law and Society meetings in the future. See you in Minneapolis!

Carroll Seron
LSA President

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