To volunteer to be a Session Chair or Discussant:

  1. Chairs and discussants must have a profile in our system. If you have not submitted a paper or session, simply go to to create a profile. Once you have created your profile, you will receive your temporary password via email.  If you have submitted a paper or session, then you are already in the system and you will not need to create an additional profile.

  2. Next, consult the list of keywords at, and send an email to the Program Committee member(s) assigned the keyword(s) for which you feel qualified to serve.

  3. Once you have been added as a chair or discussant, you will receive an email request to confirm your role.


Process for adding Chairs and Discussants:

The session organizer should first contact the potential Chair or Discussant via email before submitting them into the system.

When adding a Chair and/or Discussant, first search for the name - the person may already be in the system. If you cannot find the name, then you may add them. In order to add the name, you must have the following information:


  1. Name is added to session

  2. Automatic email goes to person added with acceptance question and link to their account

  3. If the person logs in and accepts via role confirmation link, then the system alerts the session organizer and records the person in the role

  4. If the person refuses and/or does not login, then the system does not record the person in the role. The session will not be deemed complete until there are the correct number of participants, including chairs and discussants that have accepted the role.

  5. Once a person confirms their role, they can login to the system and click on the My Roles link at the top to review their roles.