Membership in the Law and Society Association is by calendar year.

Among the benefits of membership are:

  • a subscription to the Law & Society Review (including electronic access on publisher's site for editions dating 2003 and later);
  • the opportunity to participate in the Annual Meeting at a reduced registration fee;
  • access to a real-time Membership Directory;
  • the right to vote for officers and trustees of the Association;
  • the opportunity to serve on governance committees;
  • 25% discount off most Wiley print products;
  • the right to nominate your students’ best work for LSA’s annual student prizes;
  • NEW! 25% discount on Law & Society Review re-use permissions – contact with requests

Many of these member benefits are only accessible by login to the LSA Services site.

2015 Dues for January 1 - December 31

Outside of the U.S.: Members who have incomes in other currencies are asked to apply the appropriate conversion rate to derive dues level [click here for a currency converter] If you are in Singapore and need to purchase a membership, please contact the LSA office at prior to purchase.

Although membership dues had not increased since 2009, this year we have increased the dues rate according to the accumulated Consumer Price Index since then.

Click on the individual images below to purchase or see all options.

You will be required to login to your LSA account or create a new account if this is your first visit.

Regular Memberships

Regular Membership Printed - includes printed and mailed copy of the Law & Society Review

printed Dues Income range
$48 <$15,000
$80 $15,000-35,000
$109 $35,001-60,000
$150 $60,001-90,000
$184 $90,001-25,000
$221 $125,001 -165,000
  $263 >$165,000

Regular Membership Online Only - for online only access to the Law & Society Review

online Dues Income range
$40 <$15,000
$72 $15,000-35,000
$101 $35,001-60,000
$142 $60,001-90,000
$177 $90,001-125,000
$213 $125,001-165,000
  $255 >$165,000

Student Memberships

To be entitled to student membership, one must be a full-time, matriculated student at an institution of higher education.
Student membership cannot be claimed for more than five years. 

Student Membership Printed - includes printed and mailed copy of the Law & Society Review

student printed



Student Membership Online Only
- for online only access to the Law & Society Review

student online



Special International Membership

spec intnl

Scholars who reside in Low and Middle Income Economies (World Bank list, click here) may join the Association as Special International Members for $24. This membership entitles them to all the benefits of a regular membership with online only access to the Law & Society Review. See more on the Special International Membership.