Annual Meetings

Annual meetings are a critical aspect of the Association's activities. At the meetings, participants exchange ideas in many ways. For example, some participants present papers in panels with discussants commenting upon them or post presentations on public boards for discussion with anyone interested; in other sessions, authors meet readers of their books or specialists and non-specialists participate in roundtables and freely debate ideas. Each meeting also includes a few general sessions, where everyone gathers to hear presentations of new ideas and recent work of leaders in the field, and several social events. LSA meetings are especially valued for their high levels of sociability.

Participants usually find that the meetings provide an unparalleled opportunity for informal discussions across disciplines and theoretical traditions as well as more traditional formal exchanges. The substantial level of international participation also facilitates cross-national research connections and expanded research perspectives. Activities between annual meetings continue through Collaborative Research Networks. Annual Meetings are open to members and non-members of the Association. Registration is required.

2015: Seattle, WA, USA, at the Westin Seattle, May 28 - May 31

2016: New Orleans, LA, USA, at the New Orleans Marriott, June 2 - 5

2017: Mexico City, Mexico, at the Sheraton Maria Isabel, June 20 - 23

2018: Toronto, Canada, at the Sheraton Centre, June 7 - 10

Themes and Sites of Past and Future Meetings


At five year intervals, the Association's annual meeting is part of an international meeting jointly co-sponsored with the Research Committee on Sociology of Law (RCSL) of the International Sociological Association (ISA). The international meetings are particularly exciting events and have resulted in several cross-country, interdisciplinary research projects. Meetings were held in Europe in 1991 (Amsterdam), 1996 (Glasgow), 2001 (Budapest), and 2007 (Berlin). The last joint meeting with the RCSL in 2012 had a special focus on Asia and took place in Honolulu, HI, USA, with co-sponsorship of the Canadian Law and Society Association, Japanese Association of Sociology of Law, and Socio-Legal Studies Association (UK).

In addition to these international meetings, the Association has also met in Canada. The 2002 annual meeting, the first held jointly with the Canadian Law and Society Association (CLSA/ACDS), occurred May 30-June 1 in Vancouver. In 2008, LSA met jointly with CLSA/ACDS, May 29 - June 1, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Beginning in 2000, the Association started a cycle of annual meetings with special emphasis on law and society activities and scholarship in different parts of the world. While all of these meetings retain their first commitments to law and society scholarship without geographical emphasis, each has a distinct outreach focus. In 2000, the Miami Beach meeting drew in Latin American scholars and Eastern European scholars through the newly established Collaborative Research Networks (CRNs). In 2001, the Budapest meeting continued the participation of the CRNs with greater focus on Central/Eastern Europe and former Soviet states. The meeting attracted almost 1,500 participants from 57 countries. In 2007, LSA again returned to Europe for the largest international law and society meeting to date. Over 2,400 scholars from 70 countries were in attendance. The number of participating CRNs and International Research Consortia (IRCs created especially for this meeting), more than doubled from previous meetings the number of specialized sessions organized around the research of members.  Increasingly, CRNs play an active role in organizing sessions for the annual meeting.

Publishers and Exhibitors

Publishers and exhibitors interested in advertising in the Annual Meeting Program, by separate material in an Annual Meeting Portfolio, or in exhibiting books in the Annual Meeting Book Exhibit should contact the Executive Office for information and price list. A call for publisher participation is sent to potential exhibitors and advertisers about six months prior to the meeting. Any publisher not currently on the distribution list who wishes to be added to the list should also contact the Executive Office.